Original Projects


Alban is currently pitching four projects:

“Why Men Like Breasts.” – An anti-romantic comedy.

“The Fairer Thought.” – A classic screwball romantic comedy.

“Proliferated.” – A Pilot of a futuristic series set in the nuclear-proliferated world of 2100.

“Papa Bear, Baby Bird,” –  a “Castle” spec script available upon request.

The Paige Series

A Paranormal Detective Series found only at

“And yet part of him was starting to believe. If he were looking at this like a case, he’d see that she showed up at crime scenes, and knew the names of the dead. She appeared as someone was dying and disappeared as soon as other people came into the room. She never showed up with people around, and she was pale, cloaked in black, and was obviously not quite human.”


A Paranormal Romance novel. Currently Adapting.

“If I want to, I can walk through walls, and fall through floors. I can disappear and reappear at will. I’m very much a ghost, but I have the option of being very nearly a human.”


A Fantasy novel. Currently Adapting.

“Cyrus stuck out a hand and Earon took it. An understanding passed between them, and in that moment, they became allies in the fight that had the potential to tear their worlds apart.”


Writing as author FanficwriterGHC, Alban has produced many stories for the Castle fandom, five of which are novel-length, and one of which is an Alternate Universe (AU) story that re-imagines the series from a new angle. Fanfiction is an integral part of E.R. Alban’s body of work and her growth as a writer.

Visit Alban’s fanfiction profile at, to read her work for the Castle fandom, Doctor Who fandom, and older stories for the Gilmore Girls and Harry Potter fandoms.




Professional inquiries should be directed to  Please include your formal title, physical business address and phone number, as well as your email address.