Alban is a screenwriter currently pitching four projects and is in the process of establishing herself in Los Angeles.

Author of “The Paige Series”

In October 2011, E.R. Alban launched the website to showcase her paranormal detective serial called The Paige Series.

Although Case I of The Paige Series is a fully original, copyrighted story, it is available to read for free, complete and unabridged, exclusively on the website.

Why give it away? Why not? It’s a new world for authors and for readers, with new rules that are still evolving, and new ideas about what’s possible. The reaction to Case I of The Paige Series will determine what tack Alban will take as she continues the serial, whether through further narrative cases, or in adaptations for the screen.

For now, it’s simply exciting to share the first piece of her original writing that she is choosing to make public.

Two Novels and Counting

E.R. Alban is the author of two novels: Phantasmal – a paranormal romance, and Precipice – the first novel in a fantasy trilogy, both of which she is currently in the process of adapting for filmic mediums. Please contact her at if you are interested in reviewing either project for publication.

In Real Life…

Alban is a recent graduate of Ithaca College currently breaking into the screenwriting world and moving to Los Angeles, where she hopes to have a successful career writing for television.

On the side, Alban is a classical percussionist, coffee enthusiast, and sometimes songwriter.



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